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Cuban dictatorship says U.S. never mentioned human rights during meetings in Havana

During immigration talks in Havana with Cuban officials last...

Cuba seeks investment for golf courses in a country without water or electricity and in misery

The Castro dictatorship is convinced that golf represents a...

At least 5 Cuban rafters dead in shipwreck in Florida Keys; 5 still missing

At least five Cuban rafters died after their boat...


#NiPatriaNiVida : Documental sobre las desastrosas consecuencias del comunismo en Cuba

https://youtu.be/Kp8UGopOm4Q Un documental de Carolina Rocha para Fuerza Informativa Azteca: Con celular en mano, la periodista Carolina Rocha capturó las graves consecuencias de 63 años...

¿Odiadores y Confundidos ?


Melendi, Aymee Nuviola – Pan Para Yolanda


Los cubanos y la última de las libertades


¿Qué es un parole migratorio?


Carta de una maestra cubana a Díaz Canel


Esto lo que tiene que saber Cuba entera


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Cuban mothers say no to communism

Recently in Havana, a young mother of a sick...

Cuba: Blackouts, a reflection of the failure of communism

Communism is the perfect example of what should not be done so that a society lives with fundamental rights and can enjoy the benefits of the 21st century in all its splendor.

The problem is not electricity, it is Castroism

With the brutal repression unleashed and the imposition of...

The Cuban regime must be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council

Political alignments are valid as long as they do...

Only the end of the Cuban dictatorship will end the opprobrium of political prisoners

The political prisoners of the Cuban regime are a fundamental part of its survival mechanism, they are the mechanism with which they produce fear in the population to achieve submission behaviors that would not otherwise be possible and they are the capital of international negotiation...