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Cubans in the streets push back the police of the dictatorship

The protests of Cubans inflamed by the blackout that...

Cuba in the street: What the Castro dictatorship doesn’t want the world to see

The thousands of false promises, together with the slow...


Esto lo que tiene que saber Cuba entera


Karlitomadrid: Respuesta a Tahimí y Katapulk


Información importante a los médicos cubanos

Audio filtrado. ¡Ninguno podrá salir de Cuba! https://youtu.be/cOGLBxMhGzY

La maquinaria del cambio-fraude ha comenzado

https://youtu.be/Td4YUw23sBI Si los cubanos no hacemos nada, no estamos protegiendo a nuestros hijos sino legándoles un país peor, un infierno más grande. Esta lucha es...

 Los cuentos de Humbretico el del Noticiero


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The Cuban regime must be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council

Political alignments are valid as long as they do...

Only the end of the Cuban dictatorship will end the opprobrium of political prisoners

The political prisoners of the Cuban regime are a fundamental part of its survival mechanism, they are the mechanism with which they produce fear in the population to achieve submission behaviors that would not otherwise be possible and they are the capital of international negotiation...

Communism: the religion of idiots

When speaking of socialism, two criteria are opposed. The...

The sale of foreign currency is yet another distraction of the dictatorship to buy time

“They are not going to sell dollars. They are...

The Cuban obsession with Venezuelan oil

The obsession of Fidel Castro and the entire Cuban...