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Two deceased due to landslides in Pinar del Río after the passage of Ian

Two people died in Pinar del Río due to...

Cuba rides the “progressive” wave to erase past repression against homosexuals

Probably Che Guevara and Fidel Castro would deny the...

The Cuban regime must be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council

Political alignments are valid as long as they do...


After hitting western Cuba, Ian will threaten Florida as a major hurricane

Hurricane Ian, which made landfall in Cuba this Tuesday morning with winds of about 125 miles per hour (205 km/h), will maintain its strength...

UN report on Venezuela: how the torture took place and who is part of the chain of command of the dictatorship that ordered it

The UN Independent International Investigation Mission on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (FFMV) published this Tuesday its third annual report in which it denounces...

Boric’s government collapses

They are not experts in anything and they believe that Chileans are idiots, the current Minister of the Interior Carolina Toha makes a fool...

Wikipedia changed the meaning of “recession” to favor Biden

Wikipedia, «the free encyclopedia» and possibly one of the most used portals to consult terms, biographies or any topic, conveniently changed the meaning of «recession» in the midst of the storm that the White House is going through after it was announced that for two consecutive quarters the United States experienced negative economic growth.

Scientific breakthrough against AIDS: a woman managed to control HIV after 15 years without medication

A woman has been controlling HIV for 15 years without taking drugs, an exceptional case of a functional cure for AIDS. The team at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, ​​Spain, announced that the patient, after discontinuing antiretroviral treatment, has complete control of HIV replication, with an undetectable viral load and without taking drugs against the virus.

Mia Khalifa’s fallacies about OnlyFans and socialism

For the former actress who denounced the porn industry, Mia Khalifa, Onlyfans is socialism at its best. At first glance, it generates between laughter and indignation, seeing how she produces up to 10,000 dollars in a day, while in authoritarian regimes attached to this ideology, such as Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, misery abounds. Countries where salaries are just $16 a month, on average.

DeSantis vs. Biden: Florida outperforms the US in job creation

Job creation fell last month in the United States. However, Florida made the difference. While the labor indicators showed negative numbers in June throughout the country, Governor Ron DeSantis celebrated that his state moved in the opposite direction and did not miss the opportunity to directly point to President Joe Biden as the person responsible for the historic inflation that he is experiencing the nation.

Journalists and staff of the Nicaraguan newspaper “La Prensa” had to go into exile due to the persecution of the Ortega regime

The Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa, critical of the Daniel Ortega regime, reported Thursday that its staff, including journalists and photographers, have left the country in recent days for fear of being imprisoned and will operate digitally from exile.

North Korea, the ally of Maduro and Putin in times of war

North Korea is the most secretive country in the world. Little information goes out and little goes in. Its citizens depend completely on the state and the vast majority consume only the information manipulated by order of Kim Jong-un. But that does not mean that the president, heir to a dynasty of tyrants, is also isolated. On the contrary, he is well connected with the dictators of other nations who abhor the power of the United States.

US will impose sanctions against governments that imprison their citizens without just cause

President Joe Biden on Tuesday paved the way for sanctions against governments that unjustly imprison Americans, ordering more detailed travel warnings after a series of high-profile arrests. Biden signed an executive order billed as expanding the toolkit for the US government in what Secretary of State Antony Blinken said was a “relentless” effort to free citizens abroad.

TikTok obtains millions of data and dollars while besieging competitors

TikTok's growth has been enormous since its Chinese creators launched the app in the West, after merging it with another that had also caught on among young Americans. With that formula his fame exploded. At the end of 2021, it had 1 billion monthly active global users (today surely exceeded) and by October 2020 it had already been downloaded 2 billion times, according to the Sensor Tower digital analysis platform.

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The Cuban regime must be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council

Political alignments are valid as long as they do...

Only the end of the Cuban dictatorship will end the opprobrium of political prisoners

The political prisoners of the Cuban regime are a fundamental part of its survival mechanism, they are the mechanism with which they produce fear in the population to achieve submission behaviors that would not otherwise be possible and they are the capital of international negotiation...

Communism: the religion of idiots

When speaking of socialism, two criteria are opposed. The...

The sale of foreign currency is yet another distraction of the dictatorship to buy time

“They are not going to sell dollars. They are...

The Cuban obsession with Venezuelan oil

The obsession of Fidel Castro and the entire Cuban...