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Cubans in the streets push back the police of the dictatorship

The protests of Cubans inflamed by the blackout that...

Cuba in the street: What the Castro dictatorship doesn’t want the world to see

The thousands of false promises, together with the slow...

From TikTok to Twitch

Undoubtedly, the TikTok social network has become one of the favorites of this 2022, but like every platform has its top point, they become popular among users and after a certain time, their audience seeks new experiences and emotions. It happened with Facebook, Instagram and now it’s real, it’s happening with TikTok. The question is, are you getting old?

According to a report from the platform itself, 33% of users are between 16 and 24 years old, 32% between 25 and 34 years old, and 35% over 35 years old. While the social network is undeniably powerful in reaching younger audiences, it is rapidly attracting older users as well.

Apparently the turning point for TikTok was in 2020, that is, during confinement there was a generational jump of people who are of another age range, they learn to use this social network, and although some do not create content, they only do it. They consume for entertainment. What is happening with TikTok is that social networks evolve and once they work for a while they are discontinued or simply forgotten by users. TikTok is the main competitor of Instagram and YouTube, although they have worked in very similar formats, reels on Instagram and shorts on YouTube, they are still one step ahead.

But in the case of this popular social network, the famous Tiktokers keep the platform going. Why is it so popular? In 2018, TikTok became the most valuable startup in the world, valued at $75 billion. In the first quarter of 2019, it was the third most downloaded app with 188 million new users. It is a platform for sharing videos, but with a difference: the clips cannot be longer and are based on various themes: music, travel, cooking, fashion, among others. The idea, then, is simple: share edited videos with easy-to-use tools by singing or lip-syncing and moving to the beat of songs.

Also, as in any social network, you can follow content creators, without having to create your own. Fame is viral in this app, and the celebrities of this universe accumulate millions of followers, which, unlike other social networks, is not so difficult to achieve.

The success of this platform began in 2020, it grew by 54% and with the pandemic it went viral. The user uses it to: search for information, point at which various age ranges agree; communication, that is, keeping in touch with friends and family; educate yourself with tutorials; stay informed with news; although, generally, they always look for entertainment.

During the pandemic, the high levels of anxiety caused by the confinement led people to look for a fun, less serious platform. Young people and adults could be seen sharing music, jokes, dances. People started sharing content to educate the audience. For example, in the case of Covid-19 there were many explanatory videos on the trending topic.

Some experts assure that TikTok has rewritten the norms of Social Media and it can be affirmed because it is a platform that has been molding itself to the tastes and preferences of the audience, it started with 15 seconds, now it has 3 minutes, the trends of dances was used a lot, with this, there was a paradigm shift in visual narrative and content creation, that is, it was no longer just sharing news about the show and daily events, it was moved to more fun and creative content .

Without a doubt, TikTok was one of the platforms preferred by young audiences for short videos. But although 27% of users are people between 30 and 40 years old, those who are more active are adolescents between 13 and 18.

People realized its qualities and potential, those who preferred Instagram for being one of the most visual networks, switched to TikTok to learn how to use transitions, effects, filters, etc. that is, everything it offers for people who are creative.

Brands prefer TikTok

Today it is real, when putting together a content plan, as strategists you have to adapt and make the most of what platforms like TikTok offer and you have to do it before it becomes saturated and people migrate to other social networks.

It should also be considered that any purchase decision begins with a search on the internet and social networks. Not so much in the social media accounts of the brands, but in the product reviews and recommendations made by other users, even if they are people who are on the other side of the world, even 59% of TikTok users seek more information from the products they saw on the platform. Now there are many micro-influencers who grow in popularity with brands because they have a level of engagement with their followers and vice versa, that is, they create a deep connection.

When it comes to monetizing and growing audiences, TikTok is a platform that offers ease of growth for content creators.

The key is to learn to use the platform and understand trends. As brands, time should be spent evaluating the statistics to understand who interacts with the videos, when the audience is active and which videos are more attractive to them, to define a content strategy that connects with the audience.

There are brands that have taken advantage of this so well that they are interesting case studies for academic research. Among the success stories that TikTok highlights are Sephora, Netflix, Rexona, Duolingo, KFC, Banco de Credito del Peru, among others.

Reasons to think of TikTok as a marketing strategy

Brands must offer useful content to the user and solutions to the problem that the product has. You can grow the platform in number of followers and engagement.

It is important to be aware of trends, trying to see how the brand’s content manages to integrate with these trends. -We have seen brands that try to adapt to trends, but with content that is not very creative and credible, that is why they will not succeed- And when this happens, people unfollow them because the content is simply not relevant to them anymore.

From Tik-Tok to Twitch

It is clear that social networks like Instagram have marked a before and after in history. But the real opportunity to discover new talent came with Twitch or TikTok.

Gamers who play online with other people globally are migrating to Twitch. Since last year, this change behavior has been observed in some brands and taking advantage of live broadcasts and interactions with users, which is much more organic to be able to grow the brand or diversify the platform on which it has a presence.

Twitch is ‘not a new platform’

Twitch is the most praised live video streaming platform in the whole world. Before it came some similar networks like Periscope that were doomed to fail. But the arrival of Twitch in 2011 was definitive to finally have a well-rooted social network of streamers.

Twitch was officially created by two American entrepreneurs and investors in that year. Although, it was really in 2007, under the name Justing.tv, that the concept was born. In 2014, Amazon, the shopping giant, bought the platform and little by little it has established itself within the sector as the live streaming channel par excellence.

Currently, the platform has an average of 38 million monthly visits and more than 20 million streamers are already registered.

As a brand, it is always essential to remember that users prefer to listen to other users than to the same brands and what better than using TikTok to join that conversation and interactivity with users.

Remember that in all marketing planning you must think from a strategic vision, but also risk being creative, in social media marketing trial and error is the best teacher to adjust a strategy.


Cubans in the streets push back the police of the dictatorship

The protests of Cubans inflamed by the blackout that...

Cuba in the street: What the Castro dictatorship doesn’t want the world to see

The thousands of false promises, together with the slow...

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