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Cubans in the streets push back the police of the dictatorship

The protests of Cubans inflamed by the blackout that...

Cuba in the street: What the Castro dictatorship doesn’t want the world to see

The thousands of false promises, together with the slow...

The extreme left celebrates the triumph of the Petro in Colombia

With the victory of Gustavo Petro in Colombia, the authoritarian regimes of Latin America will be guaranteed another friendly government as of August 7. That makes them satisfied and they don’t hide it. In fact, as soon as the percentage of informed tables gave an irreversible result, they began to issue messages of support and congratulations.

“New times are ahead for this brother country,” said Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro as part of his message, showing that no matter how much he tried to hide his support during the campaign so as not to damage the image of his ally, his preference was obvious. That Petro has been elected as president of Colombia assures Maduro the expansion of communist ideals despite the fact that the former guerrilla has made efforts to disassociate himself from Chavismo. The photos of him with the late Hugo Chávez are just a sample that deep down they share the same Marxist formation that led Venezuela to ruin.

From Cuba, the dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel also expressed himself, assuring that it was a “historic victory.” “We reiterate willingness to advance in the development of bilateral relations for the well-being of our peoples,” the Castro leader completed on his Twitter account.

Beyond a diplomatic formality, the fact that both regimes have given an effusive support to Petro’s victory is a sign of the satisfaction of the Latin American extreme left, which has been making efforts to make this scenario materialize through the ideological convocation of blocs such as the Sao Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group, which does not hide its satisfaction either and celebrates Petro’s arrival in power in Colombia.

The left celebrates Petro

As well as Maduro and Díaz-Canel, other related political figures also spread their messages of support for Petro. Such is the case of the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, who fled to Belgium to avoid paying the eight years in prison that the justice handed down for the crime of corruption. “Latin America partying: Gustavo Petro the new president of Colombia,” Correa wrote.

Chavismo’s number two, Diosdado Cabello, is another politician from the extreme left who celebrates. “He spoke Colombia, the deep Colombia, the one that hurts in the Bolivarian sentiment, seeking his peace and with it the peace of an entire region,” he pointed out from his Twitter account. This is the same chavismo character who assured that Gustavo Petro was going to Caracas to look for money for his campaign.

From Argentina also came the congratulations of President Alberto Fernández. A president with an unpopular management due to the serious inflationary crisis resulting from leftist economic policies based on state control and coercion of the free market.

Daniel Jadue, former candidate for the Presidency of Chile for the Communist Party, also spoke. He had previously undisguisedly released a video to support his Colombian leftist colleague and Francia Márquez, trying to gain some kind of prominence after he failed to win the leftist coalition’s candidacy in last year’s elections. Chilean President Gabriel Boric was also not far behind and sent his congratulations to the person who accompanied him in March at his inauguration.

The Peruvian Pedro Castillo, the Latin American president with the most changes in his ministerial cabinet in just 110 days of government, reported that he called Petro to congratulate him. “We are united by a common feeling that seeks collective, social and regional integration improvements for our peoples,” he posted from his Twitter account.

Added to the list of politicians from the continent are the Peruvian communist Vladímir Cerrón, founder of the Peru Libre party; Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico; former president Evo Morales from Bolivia; former Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and Xiomara Castro, president of Honduras and wife of former president Manuel Zelaya, a former friend of Hugo Chávez.

The Colombian Allies

The former leader of the FARC narco-guerrilla, Rodrigo Londoño alias ‘Timochenko’, was another who joined the list of congratulations. “Today is a day of popular victory. The people have decreed the beginning of a new stage of hope and dignity », was the message he sent through a video.

Currently the president of the Comunes party, the former guerrilla has a large debt to pay to the victims of the FARC as a result of years of violence in Colombia. Not even the signing of the peace agreement during the time of Juan Manuel Santos managed to ensure that those affected received compensation for the damage suffered, while “dissidents” from the terrorist group continue to sow chaos in both Colombia and Venezuela.

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, also showed her euphoria. Despite the fact that due to her position she should not express political preferences, she did not hesitate to publish the following sentence: “We finally won.”

López was joined by the suspended mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, separated from his position due to investigations due to suspicions of political participation. After knowing the results he said: “Hope defeated fear.”


Cubans in the streets push back the police of the dictatorship

The protests of Cubans inflamed by the blackout that...

Cuba in the street: What the Castro dictatorship doesn’t want the world to see

The thousands of false promises, together with the slow...

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